KTA/KTOB's Jenny Gordon Reflects on Equestricon 2017
Friday, August 18, 2017 Share on Facebook RSS Feeds

The anticipated first year of Equestricon (August 13th – 15th, 2017 in Saratoga Springs, NY) has concluded. When I first learned of Equestricon, I was excited to see the idea of an industry convention not centered around what is wrong with the Thoroughbred industry and how to fix it but a forward thinking avenue for people to feel comfortable enough to learn more about the industry whether you are involved in the Thoroughbred industry in some way, a fan of the sport or a handicapper. While I had hesitation about the convention's task of appealing to a few different audiences, the Equestricon Team more than pleasantly surprised me and did a great job. Their ability to schedule a lineup of panels, events, autograph signings, seminars, entertainment and other experiences to accommodate numerous audiences amazed me. Not to mention how well the two-day event was run, including when an unexpected guest, a bat, made an appearance at not only Sunday night’s VIP Party but the Exhibit Hall as well. The bat was later dubbed the “Equestricon Bat” through its own Twitter page. I was impressed by the entire experience – the professionalism, the networking opportunities, the numerous panel subjects that appealed to multiple audiences along with very knowledgeable panelists, the accessibility for fans and families to meet jockeys, trainers, authors, owners and breeders and I can’t forget to mention the beautiful appearance of the Exhibit Hall. 

As a representative for a sponsor of Equestricon, I was also interested to hear others thoughts of the event. Throughout the two-day experience before, in between and after panels I attended I spent time engaging with exhibitors in the Exhibit Hall, attendees of the convention and individuals who work in the Thoroughbred industry. The first general consensus I came to was that no one knew what to expect coming into Equestricon. It was energizing to hear of fans stopping by exhibitors’ booths asking questions and engaging with those in the industry instead of stopping by the booths only to pick up free swag. The second was the Equestricon Team did a wonderful job of coordinating and putting on an event that appealed to more than just those in the industry. People that attended were those that lived in Saratoga as well as those that lived out of state and included adults and children. While a sold out attendance is always desired, everyone I spoke to was very happy and enthused by the first year’s turnout.

To see a Thoroughbred industry convention where there was enthusiasm by those attending and those participating was incredible to me, a first time event that had the industry as a whole supporting it. In the future, I hope to see this event increase in attendance and gain even more support from the Thoroughbred industry. I would love to see it become an annual event and move around the nation so other markets and the industry’s fans are able to experience this great event. I thank Justin Nicholson, Kathryn Sharp and Dan Tordjman for creating this impressive idea for the Thoroughbred industry and its fans and making the event a reality. I look forward to Equestricon 2018 and what the Equestricon Team has in store.

- Jenny Gordon

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