Royal Oak Farm: A Hands On Approach
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Nestled in between Lexington and Paris are the 300 acres that encompasses Damian and Braxton Lynch’s Royal Oak Farm.  Royal Oak has 55 stalls for the Broodmares, foals, and sales prep horses that currently reside at the farm and hosts boarders such as the breeder of Union Rags, Phyllis M. Wyeth, along with Lynch homebreds.

Royal Oak Farm, Paris, KY

Since beginning operations in 2002, the Royal Oak team has bred, raised, or sold 26 stakes horses.  That list of stakes horses includes Grade 1 winners PURE FUN, NEREID, UNION RAGS, and BOYS AT TOSCANOVA as well as Grade 2 winners READY TO PLEASE and ARBUCKLE BANDIT.  The roster of graded stakes winners raised at the farm is not surprising given the hands on attention and close watch the Lynch’s and their staff keep on the mares and foals.  Braxton and Damian both do much of the daily operations on the farm, from helping the foaling mares to hand-walking the yearling sales preps.  This level of care not on only assures a high level of quality control but also that they are intimately familiar with the attitudes and progression of each horse.

UNION RAGS as a foal at Royal Oak Farm

The unique way Royal Oak Farm operates with regard to professional horsemanship not only shows up in the results in the auction ring but also on the racetrack.  The 8010 breeder report on Royal Oak Farm shows that in the past 5 crops of horses of racing age, Royal Oak-bred runners have average combined earnings of $163,634.40.  In fact, the report goes on to show that their past five crops to race have earned a total of $809,172.00.  Not bad at all for an operation that breeds about 6 homebreds a year!  A breakdown of stats for Royal Oak bred horses can be found below.

Foals Starters Winners $$ Starters/Foals Winners/Foals $$/Foals
2006 5 3 2 $27,439.00 60.00% 40.00% $5,487.80
2007 6 4 3 $206,520.00 66.67% 50.00% $34,420.00
2008 5 4 2 $110,102.00 80.00% 40.00% $22,020.40
2009 7 3 1 $101,012.00 42.86% 14.29% $14,430.29
2010 6 2 2 $364,099.00 33.33% 33.33% $60,683.17
Totals 29 16 10 $809,172.00 56.57% 35.52% $27,408.33 Averages

In addition to the success the Lynch’s have had with horses bred by their farm, Royal Oak also foals, raises, and consigns at auction many horses for outside boarders as well.  Grade 1 winners PURE FUN and BOYS AT TOSCANOVA are sales graduates for the farm while additional Grade 1 winners UNION RAGS and NEREID were homebreds for their owners but foaled and raised by the Royal Oak team.  The farm also offers pinhooking options and recently purchased a nice Super Saver filly at Keeneland.  As a gesture to the farm workers, Braxton and Damian also generously give them a percentage of the pinhooked foals as a way to ensure they learn about the business and have a vested interest in the success of that foal.

Royal Oak homebred and winner of 2012 G1 Hollywood Starlet, PURE FUN, as a yearling

Royal Oak Farm truly is a “working farm” and everyone has a hand in its daily operations.  Damian and Braxton are professional horsepeople with vast knowledge on all areas of raising quality racehorses.  This small but mighty operation on the footsteps of the Paris, KY city limits personifies what it means to yield “quality over quantity” and with the type of runner the farm is producing it seems well positioned for continued success far in to the future.

A future winner for the Royal Oak Farm team!

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