West Nile Update from Office of Kentucky State Veterinarian - 10/2/18
Thursday, October 4, 2018 Share on Facebook RSS Feeds

Update from the Office of Kentucky State Veterinarian - 10/2/18

1 Equine Confirmed Today As Affected With West Nile Virus 
In Fayette County KY, KDA Reference: 008 is
-a  3yr THBRED Fe  - ALIVE
Onset Date: 09/28/18 presented with an acute progressing ataxia. Could rise and stand with assistance, not drinking, hypersensitive to touch, muscle fasciculation on muzzle and tricep areas - 10/2 is reported as much improved with a favorable prognosis
Vaccination: No WNV Vacc History reported in 2018 - Had been vaccinated in 2016 and 2017

The KY Department of Agriculture's West Nile web page will be updated to include this 8th case and will be available at www.kyagr.com/statevet/west-nile-info.html 


E.S. Rusty Ford
Equine Operations Consultant
Office State Veterinarian
502/782-5901 office
859/229-4482 mobile

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