About The KTA-KTOB

The Kentucky Thoroughbred Association and Kentucky Thoroughbred Owners and Breeders are action-oriented trade organizations committed to our members; we encourage and thrive on their participation and feel that united we can succeed in bringing the industry together.

Our membership includes owners, breeders, trainers, and associate members.  As we increase our membership we broaden our support base, increase our visibility on issues that impact the industry on a local, state and national level, while continuing to promote the Kentucky Thoroughbred racing and breeding industry to its highest levels.

KTA-KTOB Working for You:


  • Partnered with American Horse Council and NTRA to promote positive legislation such as the Equine Equity Act, which reduces depreciation standards for race horses from 7 years to 3 years and qualifies equines for USDA Disaster Assistance Programs
  • Worked with Kentucky Thoroughbred Farm Managers’ Club on Breeders’ Incentive Program to increase the economic benefits to Kentucky
  • Worked to receive a funding mechanism for the Breeders’ Incentive Program which is included in Kentucky’s Tax Modernization bill
  • Continually play an active role in legislative matter of concern on a statewide and national level 

Services / Information

  • Provide association group health insurance to eligible Kentucky employers
  • Serve as an informational and directional source in equine matters for Kentuckians as well as visitors from other states and countries 

Simulcasting and Purses

  • Developed KTDF (Kentucky Thoroughbred Development Fund), a purse supplement, which has offered over $134 million since 1995
  • Negotiated with Churchill Downs and Keeneland for the highest percentage of revenue to purses from ALL sources in the country, including ADW agreements
  • Instrumental in legislation of whole-card simulcasting and the Breeders' Awards
  • Continue efforts for the protection of the KTDF and enhancement of Kentucky purse structure 

Horse Health / Research

  • Founding member of the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium; nationally led the initiative for uniform race day medication
  • Established KTOB Foundation which funds reproductive-based research; in 2011 it funded important research on nocardioform placentitis
  • Lobbied successfully to secure $28.5 million in funding from the state for renovation of the University of Kentcuky Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory 

Farmland / Conservation

  • Continually participate in local zoning issues that protect our farms and our ability to raise horses
  • Instrumental in developing the Purchase of Development Rights Program (PDR) in Lexington which currently preserves farmland for future generations 

Industry Promotion

  • Developed international marketing program with Keeneland: in 2011 buyers from 50 different countries generated $103 million in sales
  • Established Scholarship Day with Kentucky race tracks; since inception 452 full-time college students have shared in $470,500 towards their tuition
  • Initiated Vision 20/20 in 2009 for young industry members; group developed a Fantasy Horse Racing Game and were invited to offer input in the McKinsey Report and participate at The Jockey Club Round Table
  • Developed strategic plan for KTA/KTOB's future, which features an aggressive marketing plan for promoting Kentucky-breds

Why does the KTA and KTOB put the promotion of the Thoroughbred industry as its primary focus?  It's simple!  No horse - no product - no owners - no income - no jobs.  If we do nothing to protect our most important assets, horses and owners, our unique ability to breed and race will represent nothing but a memory.


  • Executive Director - Chauncey Morris
  • Office Manager - Vickie Garcia
  • Administrative Assistant / KTDF Registrar - Jenny McGaughey
  • Racetrack Representative - Lanny Kohnhorst
  • Racetrack Representative - David Schneck 

KTA/KTOB Board of Directors


  • President, KTA/KTOB: Pope McLean, Jr.—Director, Crestwood Farm
  • Vice-President, KTA: Braxton Lynch -- Owner, Royal Oak Farm
  • Vice-President, KTOB: John J. Greely, IV—Owner, Wintergreen Stallions 
  • Secretary, KTA/KTOB: Mark Taylor -- Partner, Taylor Made Sales Agency
  • Treasurer, KTA/KTOB: Dermot Ryan -- Manager, Ashford Stud 
  • Assistant Treasurer, KTA/KTOB: Jackie Smith -- Financial Manager, Juddmonte Farm

Directors Directors Emeritus
  • Don Ball
  • Clifford Barry
  • James G. Bell
  • Darrell Brown
  • Alice H. Chandler
  • Waddell W. Hancock II
  • Neil A. Howard 
  • William L.S. Landes III
  • A. Gary Lavin
  • Garrett O'Rourke
  • Frank Penn 
  • R. Alex Rankin
  • J. David Richardson, M.D.
  • Don M. Robinson
  • Frederick J. Seitz
  • R. Eric Waldman
  • John T. Ward Jr.