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The KTA/KTOB has many membership programs and benefits that will be of great value to you as a Thoroughbred owner, breeder, trainer, or associate member.

As Kentucky’s number two agriculture cash crop and the number one tourist attraction in Kentucky, the health and welfare of the Thoroughbred industry has a tremendous economic impact on the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

We are committed to long-term solutions that will enable us to protect and promote the Thoroughbred industry. We strive to increase our influence on issues that impact our industry locally, nationally and internationally.

We hope you will join the KTA/KTOB in enhancing, promoting protecting, and publicizing the Kentucky Thoroughbred Industry.

Membership Categories:

  • Owner and/or Breeder: A person who is licensed as an owner in Kentucky and owns more than a nominal interest in one or more Thoroughbred horses that are actively engaged in racing in Kentucky or who owns more than a nominal interest in a corporation or other entity which owns one or more Thoroughbred horses actively engaged in racing in Kentucky.
    Annual Membership – $100
  • Trainer: A person who is licensed as a trainer in Kentucky and has one or more Thoroughbred horses under his direct supervision and control for racing purposes in Kentucky.
    Annual Membership – $10
  • Associate (non-voting)
    Annual Membership – $200

Reasons to be a member

  • Unite owners, breeders, and trainers to promote the Kentucky Thoroughbred industry
    Locally / Nationally / Internationally
  • Stay aware of legislative matter – nationally, statewide, and locally
    News Clips, industry and legislative updates
  • Keep abreast of key issues regarding horse health and welfare
    Animal Health / Environmental
  • Make yourself eligible for group advantages and savings
    Insurance Plans / Equipment Purchasing
  • Be aware of racetrack issues
    Racetrack Contracts / Simulcasting
  • Stay current on medication information
    Industry Studies / Rules and Regulations
  • Be on top of tax and economic news
    Capital Gains / Depreciation / Market Trends