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Where does the Kentucky Thoroughbred Development Fund money come from?

  • Three-quarters of 1% of all money wagered on Kentucky Thoroughbred live races and historical horse races at the track for Thoroughbred racing is deposited in the Thoroughbred Development Fund and 2% of all money wagered on thoroughbred races via Inter-Track Wagering (ITW) and whole card simulcasting is also deposited.

What type of races will have purses supplemented with KTDF money?

  • By statute, KTDF money may supplement purses for designated stakes, handicap, allowance, nonclaiming maiden races, and claiming races for contested at licensed Thoroughbred race meetings in Kentucky.

How are the KTDF purse supplements allotted?

  • Only Kentucky-sired and Kentucky-foaled horses that are registered with KTDF prior to the close of entries will receive KTDF purse supplements. The purse supplement structure is decided by each Kentucky racetrack (with approval from the KTDF Advisory Committee). It will be listed in the condition book. An example KTDF purse structure is:
    1st – 60%
    2nd – 20%
    3rd – 10%
    4th – 5%
    5th – 3%
    6th through last – splits 2%

Who benefits from KTDF money?

  • The owner of record when the horse races will receive the share of KTDF money. This is distributed through the purse account.

Are races with KTDF money restricted only to Kentucky-sire, Kentucky-foaled horses?

  • No, all races with KTDF money are open company races. Kentucky does not have restricted racing.

What are the eligibility requirements to register a horse for Kentucky Thoroughbred Development money?

  • A horse must be Kentucky-sired (by a KTDF registered stallion standing in Kentucky the entire breeding season in which the horse was conceived) and foaled in Kentucky to be eligible for registration.

How do I register for the Kentucky Thoroughbred Development Fund?

  • Kentucky Thoroughbred Owners & Breeders is the official registrar. Registration can be completed online or by submitting a paper registration form along with payment. Fees for registration are as follows (Registration Form):
    Foals – $75
    Yearlings – $100
    Horses of Racing Age – $350

How do I register a stallion for the Kentucky Thoroughbred Development Fund?

  • To satisfy the Kentucky-sired requirement, stallions must stand in Kentucky for the entire breeding season and be registered with KTDF by March 1st of the breeding season. For a stallion to satisfy the requirement each year, the stallion must be registered annually. The fee for stallion registration is as follows per stallion per breeding season:
    Stud Fee
    $0 – $4,999                   $400
    $5,000 – $9,999            $450
    $10,000 – $19,999        $550
    $20,000 – $49,999        $650
    $50,000 & Up                $850
    A stallion registration form may be found by clicking here.

Can a stallion be registered after March 1st of the breeding season?

  • With approval from the KTDF registrar, an eligible stallion may be registered late. A $300 late fee would be imposed in addition to the annual registration fee.

How will owners and trainers know which races have KTDF money added to their purses?

  • The KTDF seal will identify races in stakes books, condition books, and on race programs. Horses registered with KTDF will be designated in Kentucky sales catalogs.

Will the KTDF supplemental money be applied to the owner, trainer, jockey and horses over all earning record?

  • Yes, when the race is official the race chart will include the total distribution of purse and KTDF money.